Get Started!

This is a 1 week long healthy shopping list for recipes that are EXTREMELY EASY to prepare. If you think eating healthy is expensive, time consuming, or complicated, this will change that. This is basically what I eat every single week.  Use this as a guide for a few weeks and then once you understand the formula, embellish on the recipes and try new things. Feel free to message me if you need substitutions for allergies/taste preferences.


After purchasing this program we will have a phone call or email conversation discussing your specific training goals (whether that’s to lose weight, gain mass, clean and jerk 315 lbs, etc.) and equipment that’s available to you. If you have access to a full gym/track/swimming pool,/rock climbing wall,  that’s awesome. If you only have one dusty old 8 lb. dumbbell and some ankle weights to use, we’ll make it work. This plan will be 3, 4, or 5 days per week based on your goals.


Same as above, but two extra weeks of workouts.

Same as above, but enough time to complete a full strength and conditioning cycle for best results.

This will turn into a low monthly fee and you will get workouts sent out to you in blocks of 4 weeks at a time. Full periodized, personalized, and constantly evolving training program to get you to all of your goals. Want added nutrition coaching? We got you covered.