This One Trick Will Get You Jacked

Cold, Hard Data

I’m sitting here looking through the thousands and thousands of logged workout results from the past 5 years that have been posted by the members of my gym. It’s fun looking back, I can specifically remember a lot of these moments. So many memorable workouts, so many first pull ups, first rope climbs, first miles ran. It makes me proud knowing we’re producing results, and LOTS of them. I think a lot of our current members lose sight of where they came from and how far they’ve come!

I’m not just looking back at these results to reminisce, however. I’m able to pull real data from this. I can see total attendance for everyone, total number of workouts logged, and everyone’s favorite – total number of Personal Records (PRs). Guess what? I’m going to say something extremely shocking here that nobody would have guessed:

The people with the highest attendance are, without fail, the same people with the most Personal Records.

Surprise surprise – the people who are coming into our gym most consistently are the same people who are seeing the most (and FASTEST) progress.

The One Simple Trick

The one trick that will get you jacked, the one trick that will help you see results with any exercise or diet program, the one trick that TRULY WORKS is… CONSISTENCY.

Straight up consistency.

Consistency ain’t sexy. It won’t be advertised to you with the latest fad diet or get-ripped-quick scheme. Everyone’s looking for something that will yield faster results with less effort, and that’s exactly what is being sold to you all over TV and the internet.  Unfortunately, these fad diets and schemes that require little effort and say they’ll work fast don’t actually do a damn thing for you. Their distracting you from just simply putting in the work.

You gotta saturate your life with healthy days – days that work towards your goals and not away from them. You’ll slip up every once in a while. Heck, you’ll slip up a lot. But as long as you keep working and make sure you have more positive days than negative ones, you’ll make progress toward your goals. There’s no secret fast way to do it that some people figured out and will only tell you if you pay them. Sure, there are better ways with better programs and better coaches, but at the end of the day it’s just going to take a lot of hard work and consistent effort. That’s the trick. It’s simple.


Stay The Course, My Friends

Any legitimate diet or exercise program is going to be periodized, phasic, and written with long-term success in mind. This means that you need to stick with it through it’s entirety in order to reap the rewards. We see a lot of people that jump from program to program, diet to diet, gym to gym every time they think they found something better or when they don’t get quick enough results. These people are still searching to this day for the perfect fit, while the people who stuck with the original plan and STAYED CONSISTENT are sitting back seeing amazing results.

If you’ve spent 20/30/40+ years being unhealthy, you need to understand that it’s going to take time to get you back to where you want to be. Find a simple diet and exercise plan, put in the work each day, take progress pics so you don’t lose sight of where you started, and put in the work. Stay the course, trust the process.