Why Healthy Eating is Also Good For Your Wallet

Mental Gymnastics

A lot of people (myself included) struggle to eat healthy, and we are VERY good at making every excuse not to follow our diet plan. Eating fatty, sugary, doughy foods is quite literally an addiction, and like addicts we go through a lot of mental “gymnastics” to convince ourselves that eating whatever we want is justifiable. It’s not even necessarily our fault though, a lot of these foods release “feel good” hormones in our brain that make us happy, so it only makes sense that our brain tells our body to crave them (not to mention the fact that we are constantly bombarded by advertisements triggering these cravings). We need to use our logic to convince ourselves otherwise, that we may feel great eating like garbage for the short time we are actually eating, but in the not-so-long run, these foods are destroying us. One of the excuses I hear most often is that “eating healthy is expensive”, or “diet programs are expensive”. I’m going to explain to you why that’s wrong.

My Experience

I own a gym and also help run a nutrition program called The Dan Plan. Like most services, we charge clients something called money. One of the biggest hurdles we go through in the sales process is the upfront cost for our services – but here’s the deal:

Eating healthy will literally save you money, both now and later.

I’m dead serious. We ran the numbers.

Eating Healthy is Cheaper

We as a culture love to go out to eat, grab a few drinks on weekends, splurge on a treat here and there, etc. I’m not saying these things are bad, I love to do them too, but I AM saying that they add up. Both with your health and your wallet.

We kept track of a few of our nutrition clients’ expenses before and while they were on the program. Before they were on the program they followed the typical pattern – went out to eat a couple times a month, bought drinks each weekend, went through a few fast food drive-throughs and bought produce they didn’t end up eating and eventually threw out. Then, when they were on our program and meal prepping, they spent a very slight amount MORE each week on groceries, but DIDN’T go out to eat for 6 weeks, didn’t buy drinks, and definitely didn’t throw any produce out. By not going out to eat alone, they not only made up the few bucks extra they paid each week at the grocery store, they literally MADE BACK THEIR INITIAL INVESTMENT IN THE PROGRAM. By purchasing our program they not only became healthier and lost weight, they also ended up saving money.

Boom. There we go. That’s one less  excuse your brain can use to trick your body into eating unhealthy.